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  • RVT Month

    October was RVT Month across Canada! We celebrate the contributions of our RVTs Jenise and Anita. You are the best!

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  • Parasite Prevention

    We recommend that dogs be on tick prevention from March to December and heartworm prevention from June to November. There are several oral and topical products available to help you keep your pet protected. Please contact us for more information

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  • Covid 19

    At Chartwell we are still exercising social distancing measures for COVID 19. Because we have a relatively small reception area and exam rooms, we are asking that only one person per pet comes inside and that you wear a mask while in the clinic. If you have symptoms of COVID or a recent exposure, we ask that you remain in your car and we can bring your pet inside.

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  • Dental Season at Chartwell 2023

    If you feel your pet needs dental attention, please contact us for more information about how to set up a cleaning procedure. We offer a 10% discount on these services in the months of January, February and March

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  • Welcome to Chartwell Veterinary Clinic

    Chartwell Veterinary Clinic has been serving the Scarborough and surrounding community since 1974, providing medical, surgical and dental treatment in addition to wellness programs for dogs and cats

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  • Make an Appointment

    If you are an existing client, are happy to book an appointment for you. This is not an automatic process. Once we receive you request, we will contact you to confirm a date and time that is as close to your request as possible.

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  • Services Offered

    We offer a wide range of services including medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventive health care needs for your pet so they live a longer, healthier, happier life.

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